Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Dementia

In November 2011, Dementia Support South Lincs tried their first Tai Chi lessons. It was a great leap of faith for them because they did not really know what they were in for and the benefit of Tai Chi for people living with dementia was relatively new ground worldwide. Since then though, the rest of the world is starting to catch up with Bourne and the benefits are being noted.

In a recent study by the University of Washington, in a large study it was found that the improvements in health given by Tai chi exercises slowed down the onset of symptoms by around two thirds. Other reputable studies worldwide show consistent results.

tai chi groupOur Tai Chi class caters for all forms of dementia and their carers. Tai Chi can also be of huge benefit to Parkinson’s sufferers and they too enjoy the sessions. The age and ability range is wide with fit people in the class along with people coping with various health issues.

In the class, there is a mixture of warm-ups, health exercises, traditional Tai Chi moves and meditation techniques. The binding agent between the different elements is fun!  Sometimes when people feel too unwell to join in – they come along anyway to enjoy the atmosphere.

The effect of the sessions on the group has been amazing to say the least! All in the group have experienced increased mobility, better balance, better flexibility, improved breathing, stress reduction and an improvement in general wellbeing.

Individual members of the group have told me about better sleep, reducing the effects of emphysema, reduced pain and swelling in the joints and reduced neck pain.

The group members look forward to their sessions and experience a sense of achievement that they have taken part.  The “feel good” factor usually lasts for several days.

Tai Chi obviously cannot take away dementia or any such diseases but it can improve the lives of both the carers and their partners.

The fact that Tai Chi can help in such a profound way is really of no surprise to people who understand what Tai Chi can offer. The combination of body, mind and spirit exercises has been used in the Far East for helping people with all kinds of complaints for many years.

For Dementia Support South Lincs and Dementia Tai Chi, please contact Kate Marshall on 01778 426756, 07867 635611 or email here

Tai ChiThe classes run on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm to 3pm at Wake House, North Road, Bourne.

For general Tai Chi and Shiatsu enquiries please contact Ray Pawlett on 07413 624344 or email at ray.pawlett@o2.co.uk