Sunflower Challenge

The Great DSSL Sunflower Challenge

Follow Our Sunflower Challenge Facebook page where we will be sharing lots of pictures.

Last year, members of Square Hole Club started planting sunflower seeds and very soon, the project took on a life of its own and the challenge to grow the tallest plant and the biggest flower was born.

This project was great fun for everyone involved and became a focus for members and their families and friends throughout the summer. It also brought out a very competitive streak in some people! The seeds lived up to their name, Russian Giant, and our tallest sunflower grew to 163 inches which is almost 14 ft (not 18 as I said in my last newsletter) and the biggest flower head was 18 inches across.

Because SQHC members got such a lot of enjoyment out of it, we thought we would extend the challenge to everyone in our every growing DSSL family. We’re hoping you will want to join in and maybe raise some funds as well as sunflowers.

Beautiful Sunflower painted by Olivia, a member of our Art for All group.

Photographs of the sunflowers were shared on the DSSL Facebook page which is now followed by over 400 friends worldwide. Some of these friends even joined in! We are hoping they will do the same this year.

Please take regular photos of your “Sunnies”, as they came to be known, and send them to Kate by email or bring them along to our various groups and activities so we can report progress in our newsletters, on our website and on our Facebook page. Finally, may the best man (or woman) win!!

We are very grateful to Waterside Garden Centre in Baston for donating the seeds this year and to the staff at Buckles Solicitors for inserting them into the newsletter. We are supplying you with three of these seeds and a sponsor sheet – all you have to do is plant them, nurture them and see if you can get your friends and family to sponsor the growth of your sunflower. Any amount is appreciated, but imagine how much we could raise if all our sunflowers were sponsored 50p, or even £1, a foot.

Maybe you know someone else who would like to take up the challenge? If so, please let Kate know and she will supply them with their own little envelope of seeds.

We all know that getting outside in the fresh air and taking time to garden is good therapy but it was especially good last year for our SQHC members, some of whom reported the project had “reconnected them with nature” and “became a reason to get up in the morning and go outside for a while – every day, rain or shine”. It was one of those projects that gave everyone a good feeling and was a lot of fun, in so many ways.