It has started to feel much more positive lately – An Update

This week, 17-24 May 2021, is Dementia Action Week and it seems an appropriate time to start looking forward and taking some action ourselves. In years gone by this has been a busy week for us. Join us on Facebook to look back at what we’ve got up to in previous years and remember how much fun we have when we get together.

Since going into lockdown in March 2020 and having to close down all our regular activities and social events, we have done our best to stay in touch with members through regular phone calls, emails, newsletters and even surprising them by turning up on their doorsteps with a goodie bag – staying socially distant of course!

The Facebook page has been full of photos, reminding us of what we all enjoyed together pre-lockdown, and we mustn’t forget the WhatsApp joke group which has kept us smiling and even laughing out loud. But there is nothing like getting together, is there?

Danie, Sharon and Kate (our support workers) have been meeting regularly – remotely on Zoom and face to face when government guidelines permitted. It has been heart breaking having to cancel all the wonderful things we had planned but, it has started to feel much more positive lately. So much so that we feel we have now reached a point where we can take down our last depressing post, ready to start afresh, albeit slowly to begin with.

Ros, a former carer for her husband and now one of our trustees said last week

“What Dementia Support South Lincs is so good at is giving people hope, showing them that there is a life after a dementia diagnosis and helping them to live life to the full again”

So, watch this space. We will soon be sharing our plans for opening up, albeit slowly at first. We understand that many members have been shielding for a very long time now so coming out and meeting with groups of people might feel a bit overwhelming. We will be doing our upmost to make people feel safe and secure by following the government guidelines to the letter, and adapting them where necessary.