DSSL and LotterySK

We are taking part in the South Kesteven District Council Lottery.

Note from Dementia Support South Lincs Chair Alan Bulmer

We rely entirely on financial support from partners, friends, supporters and our own fundraising efforts. At a time when charities are experiencing big challenges in raising funds we believe that LotterySK can, with your help, provide a useful contribution to our fundraising efforts. We need your help so that we can safeguard the services we provide to our community. Please consider joining today, pass this initiative onto friendsĀ and family wherever they may be in the UK.

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If you’d like to support us please click this link: https://www.lotterysk.co.uk/support/dementia-support-south-lincs

First LotterySK draw is on Sat 27 October at 12AM