Memory Health Care Worker

Kate Marshall
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Having qualified in Boston Massachusetts with an Associate Degree in Mental Health and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Memory Health Care Worker Kate Marshall has worked with those living with dementia and memory loss issues for more than 20 years.

Kate gained experience in memory health care support in her role as Programme Director in a residential special care facility for those living with mid to late stage dementia. Several years later Kate was invited to help set up an Assisted Living Unit for those in early stages enabling persons to remain independent for as long as possible.

On returning to England Kate took up a post with the Alzheimer’s Society in 2005 working in the South Lincolnshire area as a dementia support worker. This role involved setting up and running several support groups for people living with dementia, their care partners and families. These groups have developed over the years and now meet on a monthly basis in Deepings, Stamford and Bourne. Kate also provides information, education, support and advice to people on the telephone, by email or she is happy to do home visits.

In 2008 Kate started a group for people with Early Onset Dementia – people diagnosed before the age of 65, a young and enthusiastic group and out of this, yet another group has formed in the support of younger carers.

Kate’s vision is to build on existing groups, develop new support groups which provide a much needed lifeline to those with memory loss issues and their families and carers. Her role is also about raising awareness and campaigning, organising opportunities for social engagement and fun.

Kate Marshall Group
Image courtesy Stuart Wilde Photography Ltd

Kate says ‘these groups give people the opportunity to network and share their experiences in a supportive and friendly atmosphere, but most importantly, it gives people a chance to get together and laugh’

Since January 2011 Kate continues to provide memory health care support to those living with dementia and memory loss issues, their carers’ and families as a registered volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Society and in partnership with the Evergreen Care Trust.

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