Dementia Support South Lincolnshire

Kate Marshall GroupDementia Support South Lincs supports around 200 families in South Lincolnshire, helping to improve the quality of life of people living with dementia and their carers and reduce the sense of social isolation associated with the condition.

Our services include one-to-one advice and information, emotional support from our memory health care worker and peer support at monthly meetings where members can share experiences or take part in an activity.

square hole club 080813 005rsWe also have a very active group of younger people with dementia, who enjoy getting together every month for a pub lunch.

A recent success is Square Hole Club, our fortnightly day club for younger people with dementia or those in the early stages of the illness. It takes place at a local sports and social club. The name came from a member who was frustrated that day care services were not geared up to younger people, saying, ‘I feel like a square peg being forced into round hole.’ So Square Hole Club was born.

Lincolnshire show 2Another aspect of our work is campaigning to raise awareness and a better understanding of dementia, in the wider community and among those who are in a position to help make a difference. We have regular meetings with our MPs and local councillors as well as running information stands in local shops and GP surgeries.

By providing services alongside campaigning locally we ensure that care for people with dementia is an integrated part of the community, and broaden our reach beyond support for those who we provide direct services too. These links are key to creating a dementia-friendly community.